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School Philosophy

Holy Spirit Parish School is a Catholic community which recognizes the dignity of all of its members and bases its philosophy on the educational mission of the Roman Catholic Church and to teach as Jesus did. In an effort to instill in our children a deep and living relationship with Christ and His Church, we provide a liturgically rich environment where the Gospel message is taught and lived.

As primary educators of their children, parents are challenged with providing a foundation of Gospel values and Christian traditions. As formal educators, we are entrusted with sharing this responsibility. Our vision is to lead the students in the discovery and appreciation of the part they play in God’s plan for the world. We promote in our students a spirit of generosity that reaches out to all those in need. We foster self-confidence and initiative, encouraging students to be leaders in a changing world.

We believe our school exists to nurture lives of faith rooted in Christ and to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills that they will need for the future. In appreciation of their God-given uniqueness, our students are encouraged to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially to the fullest of their potential.