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Faith Families

Faith Families share time together on a regular basis getting to know each other, talking and playing together, and joining in fun and formative activities that deepen their connection to fellow students and the Holy Spirit Community.

The purpose of Faith Families is to build school community and pride by mixing grade levels and working on faith based service projects together. The goals are to have fun, be positive, and to learn about the ways of Jesus! Students are paired randomly by class numbers at the start of the school year. Every Monday, students sit together with their Faith Families for morning prayer, birthday celebrations, and announcements. Every Wednesday, students sit with Faith Families during school mass in the gym. Once a month, during Religion time, Faith Families meet in their assigned room, based on their family’s saint name. For example, the Saint Joseph Faith Family will meet in the Saint Joseph Classroom, which is the 6th grade room. The 6th grade teacher supervises this Faith Family in the classroom for special activities as well as for morning prayer and masses.

7th and 8th graders serve as role models for the younger students. Some of the goals of the Faith Families are for younger students to look up to older students, for everyone to get to know each other better and to have fun! Our Faith Family activities are always positive and have a religious focus. All discussions are monitored by the teacher in their classroom. The Student Council plans monthly activities for the whole school year.