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Fine Arts - Choir and Theatre

The Holy Spirit Parish School Fine Arts program includes choir, theatre, music and musical instruments (ukulele). Led by Mr. Salvatore Atti, the goal of our Fine Arts program is to introduce students to music, public performance, singing, rhythm and dance. We provide opportunities for students to explore new areas of team work, leadership and confidence building while preparing them for performing arts opportunities in High School and the community.

Choir: Our choir program is an elective class for which students receive a grade. They meet twice a week for rehearsals. Choir performances include family and special Masses, Advent Lessons and Carols with the Parish choir, two school choir concerts and the annual Diocesan Choral competition. In addition, our choir performs the National Anthem several times a year at area sporting events.

Theatre: Students can audition for two performances each year. In the fall, auditions for an age-appropriate play are open to students at Catholic elementary schools within our cluster. The spring musical is open to Holy Spirit students only. Students are also encouraged to learn and participate in various stage craft roles including set design, assistant directing, costumes, sound, lighting and backstage management.

Music: Elementary grades meet once a week for music class exploring singing, rhythm and dance. Middle School grades meet twice a week for music class exploring genres of music, music theory, singing, and musical instruments. Students learn to play the ukulele which is a great introduction to reading music, learning a string instrument, rhythm and hand coordination.