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Athletics Rules and Responsibilities

Rules and Responsibilities


The overall purpose of athletic participation at Holy Spirit Parish School is to foster Christian development through exercise, example, and competition. The objectives of the Holy Spirit Athletic Program are:

  • To instill sportsmanship in the life-styles of the participants
  • To teach the proper attitude toward winning, losing, and competing with dignity;
  • To develop school spirit, team spirit and personal acceptance;
  • To develop acceptance and appreciation of others;
  • To develop physical abilities and coordination;
  • To develop good health habits;
  • To teach the positive value of athletic participation;
  • To show the benefits of practice, work and time management.

Participation Requirements

  1. Academic and Conduct Requirements
    • A student must have grades of “C” better to be eligible to participate in after school sports. This applies to both academic and conduct grades.
    • If a student is absent from school, that student may not attend or participate in any sport activity, game, or practice after school that day.
  2. Team Rules
    • To participate in any tryout or practice the student athlete must give the coach a completed and signed PAL Medical and Emergency Form and a completed Doctor's Medical Release form.
    • Try-Outs
      Teams will be determined by the number of the students who sign up for the sport. Please refer to the Supplement to define the try-out procedure for Competitive and Recreation teams at both the Varsity and JV level.
      • Once assigned to a team, both the HSPS student-athlete and parent need to read and sign the HSPS Athletics Rules and Responsibilities form and give to respective team coach.
    • Uniforms
      Uniforms will be distributed and collected by the Athletic Director. The uniform will be given out in good condition and it is expected to return in the same condition. If it does not return in good condition for next year’s season, it will need to be replaced and are the financial responsibility of the players’ parents. Uniforms will be handed out to each team member after the Athletic Director has received the $75 sports fees also (see item B8) copies of the PAL Emergency Card (see item B7) from ALL team members.
    • Playing Time
      The PAL Commission strongly recommends that every team player play in every game. A participant’s playing time will be at the discretion of the coach.
    • Removal of Players From the Team
      A coach may remove a participant from team for any of the following reasons:
      • Excessive unexcused absences from practice;
      • Conduct which seeks to cause physical harm to a teammate, coach, opponent, officials or fans;
      • Display of an ongoing detrimental attitude towards teammates or coaches.
    • There will be a mandatory meeting of parents, players, and coaches prior to the start of practice for any team sport.
    • You must have an emergency form and this sheet signed and on file in order to participate in practice. This must be turned into your coach (not the AD)
    • There is a $75.00 sports fee required per sport. This is payable to the Holy Spirit Parish School. This must be turned into your coach (not the AD)
    In the event there is an issue with a coach, the player and the player’s parent(s) will take the following steps after an initial twenty-four hour “cooling off” period.
    • STEP 1: The player and parent(s) will contact the coach, who will make an appointment to meet with the player and parent(s). The issue will be addressed at the in-person meeting. E-mail and text messages are not an effective way to resolve issues.
    • STEP 2: If the issue is not resolved at this meeting, then the player and parent(s) will ask the Athletic Director to arrange a meeting of player, parent(s), coach, and Athletic Director to address and resolve the issue.
  4. Transportation Requirements
    Parents will be responsible for their child’s transportation to and from practices and games. Players are to arrive just prior to practices and games and are to be picked up immediately following the activity.

    Parents, you are responsible to walk your child TO the gym and FROM the gym, no matter what age group. Safety is of utmost importance. Also, absolutely NO siblings are o be dropped off. Coaches can not be responsible to watch brothers or sisters of players.
  5. Parents’ Code of Ethics
    The Holy Spirit Athletic Program exists, in part, to promote positive, Christian values and team play. The athletic program also is intended to promote competition and fair play in a safe environment.

    All parents need to help our athletes to learn to enjoy sports, to treat all participants, opponents, officials and fans with dignity and respect, to uphold the authority of coaches and officials, and to help develop good sportsmanship and desire to strive for success.

    Parents need to understand that by choosing to participate in Holy Spirit Athletics, they are delegating supervisory authority for their child and themselves to the coach during practices and games. Please limit any comments about team to positive and encouraging comments.

    Uncivilized, unchristian behavior, such as ranting at game officials, players, coaches and/or other parents and spectators, will not be tolerated. Such behavior could lead to a ban from games and/or practices. As a last resort, such behavior could result in the disqualification of the participant from the team.
  6. Parent Student Agreement
    The Parent/Student Athlete Agreement must be signed and on file prior to participation in any sport.