Work Incentive/Scrip Program

Parents are the primary educators of their children and fully share in the teaching of Catholic values. HSPS Development Work Incentive Program’s primary purpose is to actively involve parents in the education of their children. In recognition that circumstances may impinge on a family’s ability to complete their work incentive hours, any parents with extenuating circumstances are strongly encouraged to contact the principal.

The Work Incentive Program is based on the following principles:

  • Each family is required to contribute a minimum of 30 service hours per year, 15 hours in fundraising and 15 hours in non-fundraising.
  • Each family is required to purchase $2000.00 worth of SCRIP each year. This can be done by using credit cards registered with eScrip, by using a registered Nugget card or by purchasing special order gift cards. Parents may choose to pay $200.00 to the SCRIP program in lieu of purchasing SCRIP.

Work Incentive Hour Form

Parent Work Incentive Program FAQ